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My Melona

Here is a fun and tasty way to enjoy Yobo Soju Luxe and fresh melon. It takes a little work, but the reward is spectacular. The flavors here are bright, fruity, and visually stunning as well. This cocktail will absolutely wow your next guests you shake one up for.

Yobo Soju Luxe Melona


  • 3 oz Yobo Soju Luxe
  • 3 oz “Fruity” Kombucha
  • 1½ oz Honeydew Puree
  • 1 oz Yakult
  • ½ oz Lemon Juice
  • Honeydew Ice Cubes


The day before, prepare the honeydew ice cubes using fresh honeydew melon flesh. Blend on high until smooth, and then add to an ice cube tray and freeze overnight. Reserve some of the puree to use for the cocktails. (Freeze two parts, keep 1 part as puree.)

Add the soju, Yakult yogurt, honeydew puree and lemon juice with an ice-filled shaker to make the cocktail. Shake for 12 seconds to chill. Next, add the melon ice cubes to your glass and strain the cocktail into it. Top with the kombucha, and garnish with the lemon wheel.

Yobo Soju Luxe Melona


Lemon Wheel


Collins / Highball

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