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Yobo Soju On Uncrate

Yobo Soju On Uncrate - Yobo Soju

Traditional Korean Soju dates back to the 13th century. And while Yobo draws inspiration from that rich history, this Soju is a unique creation. Yobo is an award-winning American craft Soju that is made in small batch in the New York Finger Lakes region. The clean, refreshing spirit begins with locally-sourced Catawba grapes — a shift from traditional recipes which employ rice, wheat, or barley — and is free of all sulfates, preservatives, additives, and sugars. The result is a complex sipper that is usually enjoyed neat and is bottled at an approachable 23% ABV.

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Diet Friendly Alcohol Options

Diet Friendly Alcohol Options

turns out, you can still imbibe and stick to your diet You’re consistently meal prepping with vegetables and lean protein, you’re crushing your workouts, your mindset is the best it’s ever been… ...

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